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Malibu OG – is a slight Indica dominance(60/40) marijuana strain. Malibu OG is an intense citrus strain with a 24% THC level on the high side. Malibu OG bred it out of Los Angeles, California.

In addition to citrus, there is also a highly accessible taste that emphasizes sweet flowers and tart fruit flavors, with just a hint of earthy herbs on the exhale. . It can be compared to a fruit cocktail on the beach in Malibu. The strain’s uplifting flavors battle pain and anxiety as they go down, encouraging gentle relaxation.

Malibu OG is great for a day at the beach, appropriately, or the spa. It’s a fantastic companion to have when gaming with your friends or putting on a movie while snuggling on the couch. Calm, relaxed, and just a bit sleepy.

This strain will also make you hungry, so be prepared to snack if you smoke a reasonable amount.


1/2oz=14g, 1/4oz=7g, 1/8oz=3.5g


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